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Entry Gate to Dhikala zone – Dhangarhi Gate


Dhikala is the largest and most beautful zone of corbett national park with most of the safari routes on the side of Ramganga river. Dhikala is the named after the chaur or grassland od dhikala which is one of the biggest grasslands in asia. The tourism area of dhikala zone has sal forests, mixed forests, river beds, grasslands supporting life of varied species of wildlife. Ramganga river is the lifeline of dhikala zone and is the reason for good density of wildlife in the region. Every season brings new forms of beauty in dhikala zone and is a treat for those who love nature and wildlife. It is also a great place for those who wish to relax in the natural environment away from the polluted cities.
Dhikala is one of the few places in the country which It is the only zone of corbett national park which has huge population of crocodiles and gharial maggar.

General information for visitors Safari Routes

Some of the major safari routes and tourist attractions at dhikala zone and their proximity to respective rest houses are mentioned below

Forest rest houses in Dhikala zone

There are 5 forest rest houses / Lodges in dhikala zone for tourists.

Commonly Found mammals in Dhikala Zone

Tigers and elephants and the most prized mammals in dhikala zone but if someone is genuienly interested in viewing complete wildlife, then dhikala has huge diversity of mammals. Some of the other commonly found animals found in dhikala zone are leopards, deers (Sambar deer, Spotted deer, barking deer and Hog deer), Jackal, crocodile, sloth bear, himalayan black bear, crocodile, gharial, python, king cobra, common cobra, krait, porcupine and many others.

For birds, Dhikala zone in corbett national park is a paradise with diversed flora and more than 530 species have been recoreded in the area. Some birds fund are resident birds of corbett national park and others are migratory. Some of them are winter visitors and some are summer visitors.