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On the trails of Jim Corbett

Duration: 2 Night / 3 Days

Walk on the jungle trails and connect with the soul of a forest known as land of Roars, trumpets and songs

The Concept - Jim corbett or carpet sahib (as referred by villagers of kumaon) was a famous hunter who later turned into a conservationist, was the person who initiated the conservation measures in the area of corbett national park. And due to his popularity and good work done in the area, the national park was named on his name and is now known as ‘Corbett national park’.

Those were the days when Man eating incidents by a leopard or tiger were heard frequently and Jim corbett has written many books on the same as well. Whenever there was a panic in the region by the man-eater leopard or tiger, the Governance in the area used to ask Sir Jim Corbett for his services for shooting that particular individual. And whenever Jim corbett used to visit a place to shoot the Man eater, he used to devote initial few days understanding the landscape, defining animal trails, marking movement of various animals in the area by techniques like padding and reading pug marks, hearing alarm calls of animals at night or day, understanding presence of animals by scats or other signs.

Walking Trail

In this package, we have tried our level best to propose you an opportunity of going back into the times of Jim Corbett and relive those jungle moments inspecting the sings of various animals present in the area and reading trails used by animals by various techniques.


Travel, Entry experience and Location

Guest have to reach River view retreat, Dhikuli - 8 kms from ramnagar on Ranikhet road on their own, where there vehicles will be parked. From River view retreat you will meet your accompanying naturalist and board your four wheel drive passing through Kosi river valley and ramganga river valley to reach a village baseri, which takes approximaltely one and half to two hours. At baseri we leave our four wheel drive and we walk 3 kms to Jamun, where we would be camped for next couple of days.

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Located right in the middle of dense sal dominated forest and in the periphery of the reserve forest by the Ramganga River makes the Lodge an ideal for those who want to be in close proximity to one of the natural wonders of the world, lush Sub-tropical forests and the bountiful flora & fauna. Beautiful grassland on the banks of river Ramganga is an attraction for many herbivores that can be seen grazing from the lodge itself. You often hear the loud alarm call of a spotted deer just below the lodge or a frightened barking deer from the hills behind you who has just sensed a tiger or a leopard on the prowl. The beautiful hills in front and backdrop of the lodge displays different colors during different season due to the variety of the flora.


The Lodge deep inside the forest and a door to another land, a great place for photographers, a paradise for adventure enthusiast, a perfect retreat for families and an experience to fear the unknown.

The bird life in this wilderness is also very rich. Every flower truly enjoys the air that it breathes. The morning sun sets the hills on fire in rich vibrant hues. The rough rocky terrain and the land formations are unbelievable. The reserve truly offers a moving tribute to the nature lover and the photographer of the wild. Several nature trails and soft trekking routes have been carefully developed or identified around the Camp to provide our guests with an unforgettable wilderness experience.

The Lodge is strategically located on 8 acres of private land, a stones throw away from the banks of the Ramganga River and on the edge of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. There are 05 Thatched Roof Swiss Cottage Tents with attached toilet and bath.

Accommodation – The Hideaway River lodge

Accommodaiton type – Luxury tents with attached washrooms

Electricity –

Map Location

Location – Northern part of corbett


Day 01: Arrival, Do’s and don’ts by the naturalist, terrain identification and installing the camera traps and pads. Upon arrival, meet and greet at The Riverview Retreat followed by early lunch/packed lunch. Post lunch about 1230 hrs, transfer to the Lodge in 4 WD Jeep. A 3.5 Km trek/pony ride and arrive at the Lodge. It is a perfect wilderness experience, interested to experience the fear of unknown and the wild life.

A briefing by the naturalist - about the place and surrounding, dos & don’ts during the camping in the wilderness. Fresh and change. Down time followed by a discussion on the local terrain and identifying the animal trails. Post identification, install camera traps on the trails and develop pads on the other trails. Walk back to the resort. As dusk settles enjoy the evening with the professional naturalist for a Slide Show presentation on the wildlife followed by ancestor’s stories of the local villagers and experiences about to be in the jungle around the bonfire. Observation of sounds of wild animals will play a vital role. It will give a fair idea of presence of carnivores in the area. Dinner around the campfire


Staying here at night will give you different kind of experience which is definitely not possible in a hotel or a luxury resort. Go to your bed and find it comfortable and cozy. Allow your eyes for 10 minutes to relax and you may be surprised to hear some unusual voice as many animals live their "days" at night i.e., owls, bats, deer, bobcats, or fireflies. You can sound them louder at night. Have an amazing sleep and an experience of being out of the doors.
Overnight at the Lodge

Day 02: Nature walk, bird watching session, observation walk, develop a pug mark casts, and Regional know-how, Evening presentation on pug mark
Early morning wakeup call and leave for a bird watching session with the naturalist. Get ready with your binoculars and adventure gears to start an amazing day with a bird watching session. Keep one thing in mind that your eyes should be quicker than your ears so that when you hear the call of a bulbul or a bird, your attention immediately follows the call to spot the bird. For amateur bird watchers, within the resort there is a spot for sighting birds at leisure while the serious ornithologists venture out into the forest and upto 03 kms through the forest to the Ramganga River tributary where many birds congregate. Spotting Rare Pallas Fish Eagle right next to our camp, which has light brown hood over a white face, is a treat for the birdwatcher

Back to the lodge for breakfast. Post breakfast, start for your observation walk in the wilderness. On the way monitor the results of cameras and pads. Also one can develop pug mark casts in case there are clear pugmarks on any of our developed pads. You may carry pugmarks as a souvenir. Cameras may be replaced on the same trails on different trails depending upon the observation of the wildlife movement.

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Post this, we will go for a guided walk till the riverside. Enjoy the sunshine at the banks of River Ramganga and see a lot of fishes swim by. The temperature varies, but it's lovely to take a refreshing dip in one of the many clean and clear rivers and witness the gathering of fishes of the Himalayan belt. The fact remains, that have encouraged many ichthyologists over the years for extending their studies on fishes.

The naturalist will also guide us about the flora and fauna, local vegetations and local life. Hot lunch at the riverside.

Ramganga River

Post lunch, walk back to the campsite. After relaxing for half an hour we will go for a village walk (Typical Kumaoni village). We will interact with the villagers, have evening tea with them and understand the technicalities and regional know-how. We will spend some quality time, listing to their ancestor stories, encounter with the wildlife and enjoying the village and the culture while interacting with locals and returning to the simple and pure parts of life. After a meaningful session we will walk back to the campsite.

Guests can also enjoy wildlife and observe the wildlife from machan. The trail cameras are infrared and do not bother animals at all and we get their natural movement through pictures, doing whatever they are naturally doing at night. You might also be surprised by the different species that will appear that you probably were not expecting!!

Bonfire along with delicious snacks. A time for sharing your feelings and introspection followed by a presentation on pugmarks by the naturalist, some soft songs under the star spangled sky. That will make it a perfect end to the day.
Overnight at the Lodge

Day 03: Depart with memories for a long time
After morning tea, a walk in the wilderness monitoring the results of the night in the camera traps with the naturalist. By now, you will have a fair idea of the wildlife visiting the area in the past days. You can also laze around in the campsite enjoying the scenic beauty amidst the chirping of birds, swaying pine trees and the mountains beyond.

After breakfast, free time to pack your luggage and memories of reliving the days of Kaishare - E – Hind Jim Corbett and depart for The Riverview Retreat for Lunch. Post lunch depart for onward destination.

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Some technical details

Camera Traps
Also known as trail cameras, are used to capture the images of animals in the wild with as little human interference as possible. Rapidly changing environment and advancement in the quality of camera equipment, this method of field observation has become more popular among researchers in the recent decades. Modern day cameras have motion sensors and use infra red technology without making any flash or sound, so a passing by animal hardly gets to know the presence of cameras and hence is not disturbed by them at all.

Pug mark casting
"Pug" means foot in Hindi and the term Pugmark is used to refer the footprint of most animals, especially megafauna. Every animal species has a distinct pugmark and this is used for identification. Pugmarks are also used for tracking rogue animals, which may be harmful to the mankind or even to themselves because of the injuries etc. It is possible to make an accurate identification of species, sex, age and physical condition of an animal by those trained in the field.

In India, ‘Pugmark Tracking’ involves collection of pugmark tracings and plaster casts from the field and analysis of these separately for individual male, female, and cub of tiger and leopard, and their diagnostic track dimensions and spatial distribution.

Package Price (Indian nationals and foreign nationals)

No. of Adults

Package Price

Room Allotment

2 adults

11,000 / person

One double room

3 adults

10,000 / person

One triple room

4 adults

9,000 / person

Two double room

Single room Supplement

5,000 / Person

Single room would be provided for the person

Child (below 11 yrs)

Not Allowed


Extra Child (11 to 18 years)

5000 / Child

Extra Bed would be provided

Early check in

500 / person

Have breakfast and start early on your four wheel drive

The above price includes following services:

Camera Trapping
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What not to carry: Heavy luggage, fire arms, pets.

Important information: The place is inside the forest and people with medical conditions are requested to keep this in mind. Average fitness is required to do the trek and other activities during the stay. There is no electricity so keep your equipment fully charged. Cell phone connectivity is there of Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL.

Meticulous planning, emphasis on every little possible detail will give you a hassle-free tour with us. We are very sure that once you have discovered the unusual advantages of Leisure Hotels, you will never want to take a trip any other way again. We believe in turning the dreams into reality


Please note small changes in itineraries may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. However modification, if any, will be made in the best interests of the group or individual and you will be fully informed of any changes.

Normally our groups will vary from 04 to 8 participants. The minimum number of persons required to operate a tour is mentioned under the itineraries. However, in certain circumstances, depending on the tour, we will operate at less than the minimum number in order to avoid disappointment to our guests.

Make sure you bring any personal medications that you may need. Bring enough to cover yourself for the whole trip. We recommend immunizations against Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Tetanus. Please consult your doctor for more information. A basic first-aid kit is provided at the resort.

List of things to carry will be sent to you once you book with us. However, in general you should bring a set of semi-camouflaged trousers/shirts/jackets. Jeans with brown or green shirts are a good combination. Bright colors scare off birds and animals, and in certain cases provoke them! Usually during the day it is pleasantly warm and a shirt and possibly sweater are adequate. However, nights can be quite cold requiring a sweater and jacket. Requirements will vary depending on where you are staying and which tour you are taking part in. You should bring one or two pairs of strong walking shoes, especially for trekking.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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